By C.L. Harmon
Every type of person who lives in the world is responsible for the style of life that we experience. In essence, this means that for many we owe a debt of gratitude. We owe it to all those who do their part to create a world worth living in.
To every parent who teaches their children right from wrong and to have faith when life seems hopeless, we owe that debt of gratitude. To every child who chooses to take advantage of knowledge and respect educators, we owe that debt. And to every adult who chooses to work at the undesired tasks and then makes the choice to do that job with pride, we also owe a debt of gratitude.
It is those who choose sacrifice over self-want, those who choose an honest day’s work over a duplicitous dollar and those who give integrity to the world by pursing it in their daily lives, who bestow upon us all a world that is the reflection of greatness. It is their choices and yours as well, which shine in so many aspects of our collected being and afford us a style of life worth living.