By C.L. Harmon

I recently witnessed a chick hatch from its egg. It was a couple minutes of wobbling and vibrating and then this little creature sprang into a new world bobbling about. It was one of the most fascinating and unbelievable actions I have ever witnessed. I know how simple it sounds, but it brought back the most incredible memories I have…those of watching my children being born. As I thought about those events later on in the day, I began to ponder about the complexities of the world I exist in and how little of it I know and understand. It was during this line of thought that I realized what a tremendous gift it is to allow something to be miraculous…even something as simple as the hatching of a baby chick. I also read something this past week that I too thought was amazing and even miraculous if you will. When I was a young adult, someone said to me, ‘you can’t unboil an egg’. Obviously the statement was in reference to not being able to undo something. This goes along with the saying, ‘there is no use crying over spilt milk’. There are others as well, but you catch my drift. Anyway, I read that scientist have now learned how to unboil an egg. I don’t understand all the science lingo, but it had something to do with untangling the amino acids of a boiled egg and adding some chemical that alters its properties and reverts the egg (mostly) back to its former state. This means that for over 7,000 years people have believed that a boiled egg couldn’t be unboiled. Does this mean that they were wrong? Or does it simply mean that that they were unaware of the extent of the miracle. I will go for the latter. Although I admire and respect those who discover, formulate and create through science and technology, I often find it comical that we all find ourselves at least one step (if not many steps) behind God at all times. I admit, I love the modern lifestyle as much as anyone in this igeneration. I have great respect for the intelligent ones who have figured out how to harness that know how which gives me a cell phone, computer and microwave. However, I always remind myself that the miracle is in the possibility and not the creation or discovery. Possibility comes from God as does the intelligence which unearths it. I am a simple man. I admit that the fact a hen can produce an egg I can eat blows me away. Humans can’t do that…and we are the most intelligent creatures on the planet. But maybe we just haven’t figured out how to do it yet! Unlikely, I know, but isn’t that the miracle? Isn’t not knowing the possibilities the real miracle? After all who would thought even 500 years ago that an egg could be unboiled. Beyond that though, is the little chick that found its way into the world from a dark egg shell with no help from anyone. The little chick that was created from origins that science has yet to determine. Maybe in time scientist will learn if it the egg or the chicken was first. To me though, it doesn’t matter. Either way it’s still a miracle and one that obviously has no end. I would venture to say that there are scientists right now thinking, ‘now let’s try to unscramble one of these eggs’.The miracle is in the possibility and that’s what makes it a miracle. Besides, didn’t the Lord say, “With God all things are possible”? I guess He was right.