A former Mannford resident and self-proclaimed ghost hunter who was arrested for eerie and creepy acts that could haunt those involved for years to come has pleaded not guilty at his district court arraignment on February 13th. Tommy Smith (43) has been accused of violating the “Peeping Tom” (Voyeurism) statute and added charges pertaining to doing so with minors. Smith was present in custody with counsel Gene Wink for his arraignment. He has been remanded to custody, according to court documents. His next court appearance is set for disposition on March 10th at 10:00 a.m. Smith was arrested and charged with Peeping Tom/Photographic/Electronic Equipment and Lewd Molestation after he admitted to Mannford Police to placing a hidden bathroom camera in a mirror and another camera in the living room in the home he shared with a roommate and the man’s children. He initially said the cameras were for ghost hunting. He, however, dropped that explanation altogether during the interview and told police that he initially installed the cameras to record him with his “lovers”. It was during the review of one of these sessions from the bathroom that he realized he had captured the children and the father taking showers. He then added that watching the nude children was “icing on the cake”, according to the affidavit. He said that he had recorded others who had used the bathroom as well, but deleted all the videos from his computer. He also told police that he know this makes him look like some kind of a pervert, but he just got caught up in the act of recording for his own sexual gratification, according to the affidavit.