C.L. Harmon

A Mannford area man reportedly suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is responsible for actions that would force law enforcement officials to evacuate several homes in a Mannford neighborhood on October 5 of this year.
Mannford officer Matt Waltman was notified by dispatch that there was a subject who was possibly suicidal at 105 Hillside Drive. The report indicates that Bobby Wayne Boster was on the phone with a nurse from the VA Hospital in Fayetteville, Ak who had contacted Creek County law enforcement. The nurse claimed that Boster was both homicidal and suicidal. Upon his arrival at the residence, Waltman was notified that Boster was threatening to kill his boss, his boss’ family, any officer that came to the door and then commit suicide by cop.
At this time Police Chief Lucky Miller ordered all his units to keep their distance from the residence until further assistance arrived, according to the affidavit. Waltman then made direct contact with a supervisor at the VA Hospital and inquired if it was possible for him to hear the conversation between Boster and the nurse to whom he was speaking. The supervisor, identified only as Gina, informed Waltman that Boster was a veteran who suffered from “severe PSTD”. She further informed him that he was “heavily” intoxicated as he had been drinking beer and mouthwash. It was also believed that Boster had several shotguns and possibly a pistol in the residence. Waltman was also notified that it was the nurse’s opinion that Boster would kill someone before the situation ended and that Boster would not be talked down.
Through the use of the nurse’s cell phone and the conversation between Boster and the nurse being played on speaker, Waltman was able to hear their conversation for approximately 45 minutes, the affidavit reads. During that time, law enforcement observed Boster make several threats against his family, his boss’s family, law enforcement and himself. Boster also made the comment that once he finished his last beer, “people were going to start getting hurt and that he wanted to kill someone.” He then stated he was going outside to do it. He then stated that he was only going to kill himself. Fortunately, the nurse was able to talk him down from that action.
As for Boster’s boss’ presence, he had come to retrieve a State Wildlife truck. Boster told the nurse that he had told his boss that the keys were on top of the truck. Once his boss arrived, he had planned to kill him. In fact, he had even strategically parked the truck so that when law enforcement arrived, he could shoot them one by one if they attempted to ambush him, the affidavit records.
He told the nurse that he was very intoxicated as he had consumed eight beers and two bottles of mouthwash.
Before disconnecting the line with the nurse, he advised that he was leaving the residence to procure more alcohol. He then exited the residence and law enforcement observed him leave in the State Wildlife truck. After backing out of the residence, he sat idle for 30 seconds and noticed all of the police vehicles in the vicinity , he then drove north on Hillside before turning east on Elm. He drove out of sight only to return moments later and re-enter his driveway. Officers were able to move in and place him in handcuffs without incident or injury.
Boster made the comment that he did not know why the police were there or why he was in handcuffs as though he did not believe he had done anything wrong. He did admit to being intoxicated though. Officers explained that they had heard the conversation between he and the nurse and his threats of violence. They further informed him that he was being taken into custody and would then be transferred to a hospital.
Boster was admitted to Hillcrest Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation.
Boster gave consent for Miller to search his home and cell phone. That search revealed two empty bottles of mouthwash, 2 CVA .50 Cal, Mossberry 12 Gauge, Remington .22, Remington 30-06, Remington 16 Gauge, H&R 22-250, Marlin .22 and a Cricket .22. as well as a large amount of ammunition.
Boster was released from the hospital and turned himself into the Creek County DA’s office on October 20. His arraignment was on October 30 where he entered a not guilty plea. Hs is charged with DUI, Threaten To Perform Act Of Violence, Obstructing Officer and Carrying Firaem While Under The Influence. His next court appearance is scheduled for January 15.