C.L. Harmon

It was an innocence protected by a thin pane of glass. It has blocked the winds of turmoil from blowing into a dream of Camelot that had become a nation of hope and pride. Yet only yards away that window had been raised by a hand of deceit. And amid the waves of an adoring crowd, that hand poised to take away the innocence and replace it with fear. As a scream that sailed upon the breeze, those bullets carried with them a shattering of the glass which fell to our feet while a man of honor slumped into an abyss from which there would be no soul alive that could put the pieces back together again. For over 50 years a nation has picked up shards of that broken dream and lived in the haunting shadow of the evil which hid behind a pane of glass. But by remembering what was broken on that Fall November day in 1963 and passing those tiny shards along through history, John F. Kennedy is never completely taken from us as a nation and a people who still believe in the dreams in which he hoped for us and the nation we share.