B MHS Graduate Sandy (Welch) Thompson

We’ve all been taught to be good boys and girls, not to be greedy, but be generous in this life. I know it’s the time of year when our hearts are warm and we feel compelled to give and give. But please, take some notes here on sharing. Will all be better off. Some areas of sharing should just plain be off limits. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who hands you a hankie or a Kleenex that has been in their pocket. Seriously, if you have ever been the recipient of one of these little jewels, then you understand. When this wadded up piece of something is handed to you, you really don’t know if it’s used or not. Lord forbid you get the kind that comes with lotion already on them. That’s a special gift from a pocket isn’t it? Those are really hard to discern and a little too risky in my book. I’ll take a sleeve over those nasty things. While you may be appreciative of the thought, the actual action can pretty much gross you out. In this season of colds and flu, well let’s just say it’s best to carry your own box. Another little thing that is often shared with me that I would rather not partake in as a group is eating sandwich cookies. My kids like to lick the cream out of the middle and then offer to me, the outsides of the cookie – because “we are sharing” (I’m sure out of the goodness of their pure little hearts). As my youngest says, “Now you have two cookies!” Smart girl. Pretty sure she didn’t really have me in mind to begin the activity, but sly enough to mention the silver lining when she has finished. Not sure about you guys but I’m not big on biting into damp cookies. Um…no thank you baby girl. You can have the outsides too. Here’s another one for you. Hate, hate, hate it when my kids want to share my drink. Oh good heavens it sends me through the roof. I’ve noticed that when I drink from a straw and they aren’t around, it’s free of debris. It’s clean, unadulterated and clear enough to see what’s coming up the straw. However, one instance of me letting my guard down and saying yes…BAM!!! There are unknown fibers, crumbs, colors, textures and whatever else was in their mouth, all over my otherwise sanitary straw. How they manage to get gooby stuff on the outside and the inside, I just don’t want to know. My brother in law used to tell his kids not to touch his drink because he didn’t want to CHEW his soda. Ain’t it the truth! Have you ever taken a drink and felt a small clump go down your throat that you just KNEW wasn’t supposed to be part of the experience? Well I have, and there’s not enough toothpaste or mouthwash in the world to get rid of that feeling. You can only imagine what it was because truthfully, you just don’t really want to know the identity of such. I think my kids just know they can have my drink once they’ve stolen a sip or two, so they purposefully get it completely nasty. They don’t care. They are kids. And they win that battle. It may be a brand new cup of tea or a fresh soda, but once they’ve gotten their grubby little lips on it – it’s theirs for sure. Another tasty little morsel I don’t like to share is gum. Out of the innocence in their souls, my kids love to offer me some of their gum. Not the stuff that is still wrapped up and awaiting a chewer. Nope, they want to share the stuff that is still swimming around in their mouth. Inevitably, when I want some gum, there is none left in the tidy little package where it originated. It’s in the process of being devoured by little blonde people who got a hold of my purse when I wasn’t looking. No thanks precious angels, momma is fine without. Maybe this is a new one for ya…Toothbrushes. Ever go in your bathroom, grab your toothbrush and notice it’s wet? Been down that road too my friends. I keep about a hundred spare brushes for this very reason. Again, not a big supporter of sharing my toothbrush. Firstly it bothers me that it’s wet. Secondly, my mind wanders as to why it’s wet. Where has it been? Did it fall in the toilet? In the tub? On the floor? Better yet, has it cleaned a shoe? Brushed a dog? Just what adventures has my toothbrush been on since I left the house that morning? Just a little tip from your friend Sandy: Buy extras for the mere sake of oral hygiene. Well that, and sanity. I could go on and on, you guys know me by now. I can, and I will. Let’s try one more. How about deodorant? Sprays are okay, but I don’t want my roll-on, rolling on anyone else but me. If you even think it’s been compromised, toss that baby out. Just not worth it. I say just keep your can hidden for a happy household. Well there you have it. That’s my opinion on sharing. I know it’s a bit humbug and a little contradictory to those warm, fuzzy feelings you are having this time of year, but trust me when I say it’s the right thing to do, you’ll be more jolly because of it.