A friend of mine (Jill Brewer) posted something on social media the other day that just made my day.
With her permission of course, I quote: So in order to give my momma a kidney if need be I have to lose about 30 pounds SO I was up at 4:45 am at the track by 5:10 and did three laps and actually feel really good this morning! ugh. #thatssomemotivation#thatssomemotivation #beadonor #herewego
This…THIS is what life is about. I want every person reading this article right now, to just stop and claim this for her. What a tremendous opportunity to say thank you to your mom for everything she has ever done for you. To bring that gift of life back to the very person that gave it to you, is truly just so amazing!
To read, “#thatssomemotivation”, makes me realize as a mom, daughter and wife, the lengths you will go to, to protect the people you love so much. It’s also the sign of a great mom. I don’t even know the woman, but I know Jill. And if you know Jill, I will bet you can see a lot of her mom in her, just like so many people see a lot of my mom in me.
Days like today, I can’t get messages like this one out of my head. This one little post to say she got up to work toward doing something PHENOMENAL! It was a message to rally behind for such a positive reason.
We see so many messages on social media. Some good, some bad and some make you question the writer’s intent and quite honestly, their mental stability or sobriety. This one however, is my favorite kind of post.
I also like knowing about events that social media has enhanced. Hooray for parents posting proud pictures of their Ranger of the Month. I love seeing that you are proud of your kids going into the military. I say congrats to all the folks who get engaged, married or are adopting two-legged or four-legged babies. I even say kudos to the brave souls who are simply asking for unspoken prayers. I want to know that a prayer is needed from me. Yes, I do.
I would much rather see those than the other rubbish that gets posted.
What do I call rubbish? Well, glad you asked. I don’t think very many people care that you were mad that you stood in line for 30 minutes at the pet store and your post is full of curse words that just clutter your message. I couldn’t care less that you were stalled in traffic and ran late to a hair appointment and you hate everyone else on the road (although, I do know Jill’s daughter and Holly would give her mom’s spot away if she was ridiculously late, I can promise you – jk).
The point is Jill didn’t post some political rant that I couldn’t care less about reading. On that subject, I would really like to know how many of these rants are truly changing someone’s opinion of anything, especially when half the time they are made by someone that you don’t even respect.
I don’t care that you and your family are fighting. I don’t need to know. Little tip…it most likely isn’t going to improve when you blast it to the world. Unless you are asking for help, just stop with the nonsense! But if you must post, for Pete’s sake, spell check that darned thing! If not, it’s the equivalent of cussing someone out and tripping when you walk off. All is lost, I can assure you.
I just love the simple. The funny pictures about how everyone hates Monday and conversely, how everyone loves Friday. I love seeing the sports updates on your kids. I admit I am a little bothered by some folks’ dinner plate pictures because I am not a cook and they just make me hungry, and sorta angry that I can’t cook.
I love much of what this new world offers. It’s awesome to see where people are traveling. In fact, their posts are almost like little novellas. I have to follow the updates so I know they made it to their destination without issue. And, even though I may not know a soul in the pictures, let me see what a good time you had.
Of course because I bleed orange, I love seeing who is headed to Stillwater to see the Cowboys play! I can even handle the comments about how they played afterward if those comments are less than favorable. Same way for that other school too. I have many, many friends that travel to Norman. I want to know they made it home too (and I may giggle from time to time when they are frustrated as well).
I love saying Happy Birthday to people that I would have never acknowledged before – not because I wouldn’t wish them a great day, but because I had no clue prior to this era.
Sunsets in Oklahoma are tremendous. Thank you for sharing.
My sister Candy posted something her daughter said about the red moon. Lilly Peal said, “Mom, I bet Papa and Granny have a front row seat in Heaven watching the orange moon tonight.”
Oh My Gosh!! See what I mean? Don’t you agree? Poignant.
This stuff truly means something to the people that are your friends, not just using the forum for trash. Purpose and value with a positive spin. We can all use a little inspiration. Let me be privy to the kind of material that will change my life, my perspective, my outlook, my prayer list even. Let me see that your life is more than being p*ssed off because the fast food restaurant is slow. Isn’t there more to all of us than that?
If there isn’t, well I feel sorry for you. You don’t see your blessings.
Now we are all prone to the occasional sarcastic post. Just don’t let it become who you are every day. The occasional soap-box, pulpit-worthy message is not foreign to me either. Today though – today I truly felt Jill’s post. This universal tool can bring a huge number of people to cheer for a beautiful goal. This is definitely worthy of posting and most definitely worthy of the hashtag #thatssomemotivation.