The City currently has bids out for the resurfacing of Greenwood, Gardenia Circle, Gardenia Pl., Glendale Circle, Glendale Pl., Aspen Dr., Birch Dr., and Dogwood St.

The bid time is open until the last of September. And the construction bid should be awarded the first of October. The funds are in place and construction should begin in October, and take about two weeks to complete.

The area of Greenwood St. from Coonrod to Cimarron St. will not be overlayed at this time, due to the construction on the new Senior Housing Project. This section of Greenwood will be completed when the construction is finished. This will eliminate heavy truck traffic damage to a newly finished road.

If others have questions about upcoming road projects, or any other projects, feel free to contact us at City Hall, 918-865-4314. Please leave a return number, so we can get back to you with an answer.

Mike Nunneley
Town Administrator