Let the fun continue.! This is the 62nd installment of a continuing fictional story.

Before each new segment, the last paragraph from the prior edition will be shown in quotations. “ Life is cruel and painful. I have loved many wives and children over the years and have watched each of them surpass me in age and die. Is there no greater punishment than that? There is no escape from it. There is only madness that loss and suffering bring. Perhaps this is why?” By C.L. Harmon

“If what you are saying…everything you are saying, is true, then why are you not like Weathers? Why are you not out causing pain and destruction to innocent folks who got nothing to do with you or your damned curse?” Letters was much more calm than he had been moments earlier. He sat back down on the pew and began rubbing his face with his hands. I remember the chaffing sound it made across his stubble ridden face. Father Blaine took a seat next to me on the carpeted step and then sighed. “It is my hope that I can be saved from this damnation from which I have been sentenced. Every man must find his own way back home sheriff. I am lost. This is true. But this does not mean that I cannot continue to hope for salvation. I was not an evil man. I was greedy and seduced in its clutches, but I was not a bad man. I made a mistake. I made the mistake of greed that many other men have made. Many of whom have been offered salvation after realizing their sin and foregoing its appeal.” “Father, do you think that if you helped us, that God would forgive your curse?” I am not sure where the words came from. They seemed to be lying in wait at the back of my throat and jumped out when the opportunity to do so presented itself. “Help? Help how? I have no more powers than any other man with the exception of not dying. Besides that, there is something else you should be aware of.” Letters and I looked at each other and then back at him. It was obvious that we could not believe there was still more to this twisted tale. Neither of us spoke though. “Those who accepted the curse like this man Weathers, still have freewill as all men. And those who embraced the curse were given abilities by the devil so that they could serve him. Imagine what a man who cannot die could do. Just think about the damage these souls have already inflicted upon mankind without worrying that God would take his life in punishment. Blake you have seen the atrocities in the history you have studied.” His voice was calm, but there was a hint of desperation in it. “He is a disease for which there is no cure I am afraid. He is already damned and has nothing to lose.” “Father, I am not a man of strong faith. But I don’t believe a God, a loving God, would allow all of this evil to befall us and not give us a way to defend ourselves against it. I don’t care what abilities Weathers has or abilities you don’t have; I care about my county and the good people living it. If you are truly sorry for the actions that made you a walking curse, then you will find a way to help us! Come on Blake. Let’s go!” Letters then moved toward the door. While driving back, I remained quiet. Letters was a good man but could be intimidating when he was angry. I thought it best to leave him to his thoughts. I spent the drive back thinking about Sam. I hadn’t been away from her that long and still found myself missing her. I was anxious to see her and tell her all about everything Father Blaine had told us. It had only been a few hours since we were walking to school that morning, but it felt like days. When Letters and I arrived back in town, school had been out about 30 minutes and I went on to work early. I would stop by her house on my way home and see if the porch light was still on. I felt like I was carrying a secret that was going to make me bust if I didn’t tell her. I didn’t want to wait until morning. The light was on!