Let the fun continue.! This is the 64th installment of a continuing fictional story. Before each new segment, the last paragraph from the prior edition will be shown in quotations. “ If I tell you what I know, which may not even have anything to do with Sam, you will think I have…” The door opens and Sam walks in and almost humorously asks what is happening. However, her look at me was anything but comical. It was one of concern, but not for her, but for me. She knew something. She definitely knew something. ”

By C.L. Harmon

Thankfully her return overshadowed the comments to my father. For the time being anyway. Her mother immediately asked her where she had been. She did so while moving toward her to embrace her. She replied with a story about walking her friend Elaine home after school so the two could work on homework. “I was unaware that Elaine’s phone didn’t work and so I couldn’t call. We lost track of time and it had grown almost dark before we realized it had gotten so late. I am sorry mom! I knew you would be worried, but didn’t want to walk home in the dark and Elaine said her dad would take me home when he got home from work. He worked late, but brought me home as soon as he got there.” It seemed believeable…to them anyway. I knew it was a lie though. But Sam was a good kid, never in trouble. Her mom had no reason to doubt her. “Come on Blake,” my father said as he gently escorted my mother toward the door. “I am happy that your daughter is back home safe Mrs. Silver. Please don’t hesitate to call if you find yourself in need of help again.” Sam’s mom nodded at him graciously as we left. Sam secretly passed me something as I turned to leave. I held onto it tightly as I rode back home in the darkness of the back seat of my parents’ car. I casually slipped it into my back pocket when I got out of the car. I was so eager to see the note that I hadn’t even thought about the explanation I was going to give my father about whole contacting Elden thing I had spouted off at Sam’s house. Fortunately, he said nothing as we walked into the house. He sat down on the couch and began reading as nothing in the past hour had happened. I quietly climbed the stairs to my bedroom and slipped in as though I were a burgular attempting detection. Caecus in a sepulchrum thy mos adveho is what was written on the paper. Then I recognized it as the paper I had taken from Weathers’ room. This didn’t just say what was on the coin I found in his room; This WAS the same piece of paper. He had been in my house, my bedroom! He had gone through my things and took the note from my desk drawer! Oh hell, he was with Sam tonight! The realization attacked me, forcefully. The words came out even though I had intended for them to remain only a thought. That sick feeling returned to my stomach and a moment later I found my self on my knees before the toilet vomiting. I laid in my bed that night and worried about what I had done. I had dragged Sam into this nightmare and now Weathers knew her. He had contacted her! I didn’t sleep at all that night and was waiting on her porch when she came out the next morning. She looked as rested as I did so neither of had any sleep. “Blindly into a grave thy will come.” This was the first thing she said to me. It was the translation from the coin. “He told me what it meant. And he told me what it really means for you, for me, for all of us. He is an evil man Blake. He has an eerie soul that has seen the worst atrocities of men. I am frightened Blake, But I am really frightened for you.” The rest of our walk was in silence. I guess she just needed some time to figure out how she was going to tell me that Weathers wanted to steal my soul.