Let the fun continue.! This is the 68th installment of a continuing fictional story. Before each new segment, the last paragraph from the prior edition will be shown in quotations. “Letters saw Izzy Lancaster get out of his hearse and informed that his services wouldn’t be necessary since there was no apparent cause of death, he would have county emergency services transport the body to Tulsa for an autopsy. ”

By C.L. Harmon

“What were you doing out here anyway?” He was irritated and it was very apparent in his voice. I was a bit taken aback by his tone. For a brief moment I felt accused of something. But I knew he didn’t mean it as the way it sounded. I stuttered a bit and then managed to find the words that I was just taking a walk. I didn’t feel it was the right time to tell him that I had been spying on Polk or the words YESTERDAY WILL SPEAK AND VOICES FROM INSIDE WILL SEEK ESCAPE FROM THEIR HAUNTING TRUTH that I had seen in my dream and also from the very same book that Polk had in the locked room of his barn. I knew, however, he would believe me. After all, he had dreams of his own. I also beleived he would be angry with me if he knew I had done that. Polk was definitely not a rational man and me being out there, especially spying on him, may have just pushed him enough to put a bullet in my head. At least Letters believed this to be true. I, however, did not believe that Polk would kill me. I knew him better than Letters and had been around him when I was younger. With all I knew about him, the killing during the war and his reputation for being a hard man, I had never seen him violent He had certainly been strict with his children and was a hard-nosed business man, but I had not witnessed any violence and Porter had not ever said anything that would make me think he was abusive. Letters though, he had seen it. I sat perched upon the hood of a patrol car while Letters and the other officers worked the scene and looked for clues. I kept thinking about how the look on Dobson’s dead face was different than when I had found him. How was that possible? And why would those coyotes not feast upon his body? I had always heard that animals sense evil. Perhaps who…or what had killed Dobson was evil. But I couldn’t understand how Weathers could have killed him, and he was the evil I was thinking of. The priest, cursed the same as Weathers, had said they could not act, but only influence. This was clearly not the work of Polk or his henchmen. He had been fixated on Talbot for months now and had even called the attacks off since reaching the conclusion that the racist bastard had strung his son up with that rope. So this did not make any sense. The only logical explanation was that Weathers had gotten someone else to do his bidding. He had influenced someone else with his evil and he had done so to the point of committing cold murdered blood for him. So many things didn’t make sense. It was obvious to me why Letters was so frustrated. Weathers had left no evidence of his involvement in any of the bad things happening in the community. And to boot, he was hiding behind a FBI badge. Letters has spoken to his supervisor about Weathers sharing information on the criminal investigation months earlier, but had been told that Weathers’ investigations had been rooted in uncovering racially motivated crimes and that he had presented no evidence in his reports that any of the local criminal activity was a result of such a violation. It was clear that his report statuses had not changed since the supervisory agent agreed to cooperate if a link was established.