Let the fun continue.! This is the 75th installment of a continuing fictional story. Before each new segment, the last paragraph from the prior edition will be shown in quotations.
“What has been happening with our mysterious evil man since I left?” Her tone was jubilant and vibrant and all of that excitement I experienced during the car ride back from Silver Springs boiled out of me as I began telling her everything that happened.!”
By C.L. Harmon
I began by telling her about Dobson and that horrible state I found him in and then how that image was gone when the deputies arrived. There was so much to tell! I explained what I had seen at Polk’s place and my experience of having one foot in this world and the other in a world where I actually saw Porter.
While I was telling Sam everything, there was something very sinister going on in Silver Springs.
“Greetings Tarsus.” The words almost echoed as they floated heavy on the air behind Father Blaine’s chair.
“I knew you would come Silace,” Blaine said. “It’s Weathers these days however, I presume.”
“You know as well as I, that new identities are just part of who we are. Every 80 or so years, we are reborn one might say. You yourself have branded many names since your birth name. Many occupations as well; murderer, thief, persecutor, soldier and many others before your feeble attempt at redemption. Do you still believe that God…the same God who cursed us…is going to offer you salvation?” Weather’s voice was strong and potent with conviction as he spoke those words. Then he calmed, pauses for a moment and walked toward Blaine. “No, no no my old friend. There is no redemption for us, for any of us that picked up those silver coins. We cannot please God or be forgiven by him. We can only hope to appease the devil and secure a place in the hierarchy of hell.”
Blaine made a casual stroll toward his liquor cabinet and poured himself s glass of gin. He did not offer one to Weathers. The silence was comfortable and neither man felt compelled to keep the conversation going.
“So the FBI, huh? Well that’s an interesting profession, don’t you think? I mean for a man with an agenda such as yours.” Weathers allowed a raspy chuckle to escape.
“No one looks at an FBI agent when the devil is on the loose. It’s a great cover.” Hi lights a cigarette and leans against an end table in a very nonchalant manner.
“Why don’t you just let this one go Silace? Leave these people be. You have already caused enough damage. Besides, that dead boy has already told me what you are planning. I will use every bit of what I know to stop you!” Weathers breaks out with a boisterous laugh this time.
“That old man had murder in his heart long before I showed up. That hard-hearted old fool Polk was hell bent on killing somebody before his life was up. I just gave him the reason he needed. You know all too well how easy killing becomes once you remove God. He left his God while in that Ardennes Forest killing Nazis and he never asked to find him again. No…I can’t…I won’t leave this one alone! This place is going to burn Tarsus! Like Nero’s Rome, the flames of hatred and evil are going to sweep these people into the dirt and ash of the earth.”
“Silace, you underestimate the conviction of these people. God may not acknowledge you and I, but he does see and hear them. And like you, I live in two worlds. So heed this warning; I will use all that I possess in both worlds to help these people. Though it is true that we cannot destroy each other, it is also true that the same God who cursed us just may love these people more than he hates us. And that, old friend, could be all that is needed to destroy the evil that you have brought to this place.”