Not all dark secrets come to light. Sometimes the truth lurks just inside the shadows and slightly outside of the rays. This appears to have been the hope of Beverly Noe who was charged last year with the murders of three females, one a child. Although, she accepted a plea agreement from the state for those murders, Noe did not technically admit to the slayings when she pleaded no contest in a Creek County court on Tuesday morning. What began on May 29, 1992 and remained hidden away for over 20 years has been a continuing story of awe and almost disbelief in its brutality. But it has finally found some closure with first the finding of the grave in rural Pawnee County in 2013 and now the plea agreement. Although Noe faced three counts of first degree murder, prosecutors, offered her the amended charges of accessory to murder. With those charges, Noe was given the option to accept three counts on that charge with 30 years of prison time each. As part of the agreement, Noe, 67, was sentenced to the three 30 year terms but to be served concurrently with 15 years of each count suspended. The Creek County DA explained that her brother Grover Prewitt, who is also charged in connection with the murders as an accessory was scheduled to testify against his sister at trial as he had done at her preleminary hearing. However, his failing health gave prosecutors pause as they felt he may not make it through the trial. Court records confirm that proceedings have been postponed due to his health issues. The DA felt this agreement was the only way to ensure Noe got prison time and the family of the victims received closure. Noe pleaded no contest for the killing of her former daughter-in-law, Wendy Camp, 23, Camp’s 6-year-old daughter, Cynthia Britto, and Camp’s sister-in-law, Lisa Renee Kregear and then burying them in a rural area of Pawnee County in May of 1992. It is believed that she, along with her mother Ida Prewitt (now deceased), shot and stabbed Camp, shot Kregear and placed Britto in the grave alive with tape on her mouth. Grover Prewitt told authorities that he filled in the hole but did not know it was a grave as he did not look inside. He would eventually lead police to the grave in 2013. The crime arises from a custody battle between Camp and her ex-husband Chad Noe who had a toddler son whom Noe had custody. Camp was fighting for custody after having been ill after the birth. The Noes were denying Camp visitation. At some point however, Camp was contacted by the Noes and Beverly and Ida drove to OKC to get her for a visit with her son. Beverly told authorities after their disappearance that she left the trio at a Walmart and did not know their whereabouts. That was a lie that finally would see the light of truth from a cold grave in 2013 and a cold courtroom in 2015